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Your first appointment at FIT with a Certified Personal Trainer, is free.

Come into the FITness Center and fill out an evaluation form. A trainer will contact you within 48 hours to set up a time for your appointment.

Mike and the training staff will review the information you provide and discuss comprehensive strategies for reaching your goals. Should you continue with training, prepay for a personal training package at the fitness center.

Sessions are 55-60 minutes long. You and a FIT trainer will set up further sessions according to your schedule.

- What is a Fitness Assessment?

Our trainers utilize simple testing tools and methods to gain a responsible perspective of your current fitness needs, obstacles, and preferences. Many factors contribute to the overall success of your fitness programming. The five main components to successfully developing a program, include specific attention to Cardio endurance, Muscular endurance and strength, Flexibility, and Body composition. These components are tested to your specific comfort level and closely evaluated to give us an accurate measure from which we will design programming to meet your individual fitness needs and goals.

Listed below you will find basic testing and assessment for folks of average fitness with no limitations. The simple testing outlined can be done right in your own home. This testing represents the basics in estimating your body strength, cardio respiratory fitness, body composition, and flexibility. This basic fitness assessment was designed to help folks find a reference point and should not be considered as complete and conclusive fitness testing for every person. Some folks will need further and more complete testing based on specific health requirements and special needs.

  • General Flexibility
  • General Endurance & Strength Testing
  • Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  • Body Composition

Many of us use our body fat percentage to encourage new goals and to reinforce accomplishments made in our body composition. Body fat measurements remain the leading motivational and assessment methods fitness professionals employ when structuring fitness plans or written feedback.

Find out the answers to your questions, stablish goals and find out the truth about myths regarding Health and Fitness. Contact us to schedule your complimentary Fitness Consultation and speak to FIT's owner/ founder or one of our Fitness Specialists.

Quality Trainers/Experience/Credentials
Our trainers, at a minimum, have at least 5 years of personal training experience and at least one of the five most highly regarded certifications in our field (NASM, ACSM, ACE, NPTI, NSCA).

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